Armenia Popular Travel Destinations

The country of Armenia, also known as Armenia, is a beautiful country with interesting geography. It is south of the Caucasus mountain range and the northwestern part of Asia. It is a landlocked nation surrounded by other neighboring countries. Armenia has a lot of beautiful landscapes, monasteries, architecture, ski resorts, and delicious wine. Are you planning to spend a few vacation days in this country? This article has got you covered on what should be in the itinerary.

1. Republic Square

One of the best ways to feel the spirit of a country is by visiting its capital. The Republic Square is a central town square located in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. The buildings in the vicinity are neoclassical style inspired. The area also features an oval roundabout and musical fountains. The spot is very homey that you can spend the day chilling out in a quaint cafe acute;.

2. Dilijan National Park

Nature lovers would fall in love with Dilijan National Park, located in the province of Tavush. This spot has a rich biodiversity that one can explore during hiking. It is also a resort town, as the location is abundant with medicinal mineral water springs. Due to its tranquility, the vicinity houses various monasteries. The list includes Haghartsin Monastery, Goshavank Monastery, and Matosavank Monastery.

3. Amberd Fortress

History buffs must include Amberd Fortress on the itinerary. It is a 10th-century fortress on the slopes of Mount Aragats. In the past, this place was a stronghold for the military defenses of the Armenian Kingdom. It is also a favorite summer spot residence of Armenian royalty. This fortress has a simple structure, but its stone walls are designed to take a hit against large attacks.

4. Vernissage Market

What is travel without taking home souvenirs? The Vernissage Market is the best spot to find authentic pieces of Armenian craftsmanship. There is a lot of unique handmade jewelry to choose from. It also has a shopping gallery in Tashir street where more goodies are line-up for you to take home. The market is full of artisan products ranging from leather, bronze, silver, ceramic, and woodwork.

5. Tsaghkadzor Winter Ski Resort

Winter sports lovers should visit the Tsaghkadzor Winter Ski Resort. It boasts of the highest cable car in the world. The mountain-skiing slopes are challenging, and the overall ambiance is refreshing. The area also has mineral hot springs that can relax your body after a tiring day of skiing. Getting here is quite a long drive from the capital Yerevan and the Zvartnots International Airport, but the effort is worth it.

Final Thoughts

The country of Armenia has a lot to offer its visitors. From natural wonders of beauty such as landscapes, rivers, and lakes to its medicinal hot springs. It also showcases a rich culture of craftsmanship, from the architecture of its buildings to the items sold in the flea market. And for those who love adventure, the mountain slopes for hiking and skiing will surely get your adrenalin pumping. So if you are looking for a place that offers all these, visit Armenia on your next vacation. You will never regret coming here.