Armenia’s Beautiful Destinations

Armenia is a beautiful country with countless destinations that would be fantastic for you to visit. Whether you want to go on a long road trip and see the sights of Armenia, or just take an afternoon stroll through Yerevan, there are many options for your perfect vacation. In this blog post we will highlight some of the best places in Armenia that you should visit!

Yerevan – Yerevan has an amazing nightlife which is great if you are the kind of person who wants to go out late. You can find some fantastic Armenian food in Yerevan, but it’s also good for other kinds of cuisine too!

Shikahogh State Reserve – Located in the southern region of Armenia, Shikahogh is a great place to hike. There are many trails throughout the reserve so you can choose which one works best for your skill level!

Lake Sevan – If you want to go swimming but don’t feel like going on an organized tour or anything, Lake Sevan is perfect because it’s surrounded by campsites and villages where people swim as well. The water quality isn’t very good though compared to other lakes around Europe or North America.

Dilijan National Park – Dilijan National Park has beautiful landscapes with hiking trails that take you through forests and mountainsides. It’s also located close enough to Yerevan that if you wanted, you could visit both places in the same day!

Mount Aragats – For an epic road trip, you can take a four day hike up to Mount Aragats. It’s very difficult though so if you are not physically fit it would be best for you to find someone who is and pay them to come with you. That way they can carry your luggage as well! You should also bring plenty of food because there aren’t many places where people sell snacks along the route.

Lake Arpi – If you are more of a water person, Lake Arpi is perfect for camping and swimming. There aren’t very many places where people sell food or drinks along the lake though so make sure to bring some snacks with you!

Djulfa – Djulfa isn’t technically in Armenia but it’s close enough that most guidebooks consider it part of Armenia. It was built by the orders of Shah Abbas I as an Armenian village; now everything has been restored back into its original form, which makes it even better than what it used to be like centuries ago. Beautiful architecture at every turn makes this place worth visiting over and over again!

Tigran Mets Ave/Northern Avenue – Yerevan has a fantastic nightlife scene and Tigran Mets is the street where most of it happens. Most bars and clubs are located on this avenue which makes it easy for you to walk around and choose whichever place seems best at that moment in time!

Noravank – Beautiful monasteries and churches in Armenia are worth the visit. Noravank is located in a canyon which makes it even more beautiful when you get to see what’s inside.